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Authen::PAM - a perl interface to the PAM library


Authen::PAM is a perl module which provides an interface to the PAM library.

Currently the following or newer implementations of the PAM library are supported:


Released version 0.16. One of the main changes is the typemap of pam_handle_t *.
This hopefully fixes some segmentation faults several people reported (for example with perl 5.8.7 on FreeBSD).


  • README file (includes description of the known problems)
  • Changes - this also includes the changes of the development vesion
  • Authen::PAM man page
  • FAQ

Also visit the CPAN page of the module for:


Development release:

The development releases are more or less stable but either I am planning to make more changes or I am waiting for the people to download and test them before I put them on CPAN. So don't wait and give it a try.

Official release: